A Research Guide by Alan Rhoda, Ph.D.

How to Locate Materials on this Topic

Here are some guidelines on how to find materials on fatalism. Since this is an academically oriented rresearch guide, Library of Congress subject headings and call numbers are used.

I. Subject Headings

The most relevant Library of Congress subject headings for finding materials on fatalism, are:

II. Databases (to top)

To maximize the relevance of search results it is best to search in a subject specific index or database, rather than in general databases like Academic Search Premier or Web of Knowledge. The two best databases for this topic are:

Probably the best database to start with. More relevant material on philosophical and theological aspects of fatalism is indexed here than anywhere else.

This database is a good source for materials on how specific religious traditions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) have grappled with fatalism.

III. Keyword Searching (to top)

In addition to, or perhaps in lieu of, a subject search, it may be helpful to try a "keyword anywhere" search on common buzzwords in the scholarly literature. The following terms are more-or-less specific to this research niche, and so they may yield highly relevant results:

IV. Browsing Areas (to top)

Because the topic of fatalism touches upon many different areas in philosophy and theology, relevant materials are somewhat scattered throughout the B–BX section of the library. Nevertheless, the following sections are more-or-less exclusively devoted to fatalism and closely related topics: